New Class – Bender Barre Method




Bender Barre Method Barre is the hottest method of training since the Pilates boom!! This is one of the safest methods of Barre training on the market! All the amazing benefits of barre work without over utilizing the hip flexors, which may contribute to low back and knee pain! The Bender method focuses on the body’s ability to lengthen against gravity and applied functional exercises for all levels of students. You do not have to be a classical dancer to appreciate the movement of vertical training for stronger legs butt and back utilizing Gliding™, Bender Ball™. The best part is there is no Barre ! The workout requires the student to be focused on the goal of each and every exercise creating fantastic results!

About Carrie Haines: Carrie is currently the Group Exercise Program Director for Club One at St. Mary’s Center for Health & Fitness in Reno, Nevada. With over 12 years experience in fitness management and over 25 years professional experience, Carrie has become an expert on group fitness programming and development. Carrie works with clients one on one as a personal trainer and specializes in corrective and pain-free exercise. Carrie works with High Fives Organization at the CR Johnson Healing Center in Truckee, CA as a fitness educator and trainer. Her passion for barefoot training began in 2010. As someone who suffers from severe osteoarthritis in both knees, she was told to re-think her approach to exercise. Discovering methods like willPower®, Balletone®, and Bender Barre®, have made all the difference, reducing pain in the back, neck, hips, and of course, knees. “Functioning pain free should be everyone’s goal. Exercise does not have to hurt to be considered ‘effective’. In fact, the opposite is true.” Carrie is certified by The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), and is a long standing member of IDEA World, SCW Fitness Education, and The Group Ex Pro Leadership Council. Carrie is also an official Schwinn Indoor Cycling Coach, willPower & grace® Instructor, Master Balletone® Ambassador, and Bender Barre® Trainer. Carrie has also been a master trainer for 24 Hour Fitness and Club One.